Wednesday, January 9, 2013

SHOMINGEKI : more than a film journal

I first came to know about Shomingeki through Facebook . I was on the page of Aparna Sen where I found that. There was an article posted on Shomingeki about Aparna Sen. Sen being one of my adored artists  could easily arrest my attention and I started following the blog. The man posted the blog and who was the blog writer as well was Rudiger Tomczak , a Berlin based film critc and author . I can hardly remember though when and how we became FB friends . Yes ,  Rudiger Tomzcak is my friend , a rare preternatural species , who drinks cinema , eats cinema , smokes cinema and probably sleeps with.

 Rudiger Tomczak the is the founder of SHOMINGEKI  a  film journal published from Berlin . Shomingeki is a Japanese ( or pseudo Japanese ) term coined by the Western scholars to denote the work and arts of the working class people those revolve around their lifestyles. For the last 17 years Shomongeki has been serving the world of Cinema , the world-cinema , the world of less and much appreciated cinemas and the under world cinemas. Shomingeki is a film journal and to put it in Rudiger's manner :

" In diesem deutschsprachigen Blog sind alte und neue Texte oder Texte aus vergriffenen Ausgaben meiner Zeitschrift shomingeki zu finden. Englische und in Ausnahmen franz√∂sische Texte sind auf meinem anderen Blog: shomingekiblog zu finden. "

Shomingeki was first published in the year 1995. It has been long 17 years that the editor and the writer  has tirelessly engaged himself in publishing both the blogs and the magazine. Only a true cinephile could do this under some contagious spells of pure cinema !

Long live SHOMINGEKI !! Long live CINEMA !!

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